All Type of RF Module Transmitter and Receiver

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3.3V Adapter Board for 24L01 Wireless Module

SKU: SE87314
50.00 (Incl. Tax)
This 3.3V VCC Adapter Board for NRF24L01 Wireless Transceiver Module enables you to use NRF24l01 type transceivers on 5V systems

433MHz RF Transmitter Receiver Wireless Module

SKU: SE61953
150.00 (Incl. Tax)
This hybrid RF Transceiver Module provides a complete RF transmitter and receiver module solution which can be used to transmit

DC 12V 12CH Channel Wireless RF Remote Control Switch Transmitter Receiver

SKU: SE64372
1,799.00 (Incl. Tax)
DC 12V 12CH Channel Wireless RF Remote Control Switch Features1. Wireless control, easy to install. 2. Control Lights, Motors, Fans,

DC 12V 8CH Channel Wireless RF Remote Control Switch Transmitter Receiver

SKU: SE89235
1,499.00 (Incl. Tax)
Description of product About the product1. 100% Brand new and high quality. 2. This wireless remote control switch is small

Fly Sky FS-CT6B 6-Channel 2.4 Ghz Transmitter and Receiver

SKU: SE78142
3,199.00 (Incl. Tax)
FlySky CT6B 2.4Ghz 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver(FS-R6B) Remote is the popular 6 Channel Radio CT6B manufactured by FlySky. CT6B

Fly Sky FS-i6 6-Channel 2.4 Ghz Transmitter and FS-iA6 Receiver

SKU: SE75437
4,900.00 (Incl. Tax)
The FlySky FS-i6 is a great low cost entry level 6-channel 2.4 GHz Transmitter and Receiver that uses solid and

FS-i6S Remote Control 2.4G 6CH AFHDS with FS-IA10B Receiver

SKU: SE93883
5,350.00 (Incl. Tax)
The FlySky FS-i6S Remote Control 2.4G 6CH AFHDS Transmitter with FS-IA10B Receiver new look design comes with some exciting new

LoRa RA-02 433Mhz SX1278 Long Range Wireless Module

SKU: SE83279
520.00 (Incl. Tax)
LoRa 433MHz module designed by AI-THINKER, which based on the chip SX1278. The SX1278 RF module is mainly used for

MT8870 DTMF Audio/Speech Decoding Telephone Module

SKU: SE19531
110.00 (Incl. Tax)
This component is ideally suited to adding dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) decoding to your project. This detection module interprets the

NRF24L01 Wireless Transceiver Module 2.4GHz

SKU: SE75526
100.00 (Incl. Tax)
Maximum operating speeds up to 2Mbps, GFSK modulation efficiency, Anti-interference ability, Particularly suitable for industrial control applications. 125 Channels, Multi-point

NRF24L01PA LNA SMA Wireless Transceiver Antenna

SKU: SE23193
180.00 (Incl. Tax)
The NRF24L01 module is the latest in RF modules. This module uses the 2.4GHz transceiver from Nordic Semiconductor, the NRF24L01+.

One Channel RF Transmitter and Receiver Remote Control Relay Switch 12V DC 433 MHz

SKU: SE62145
400.00 (Incl. Tax)
Wireless relay module using remote control to switch a relay using a remote. It can be used as a 1